WSPR 2.1 for I/Q SDRs

Many thanks to all those who tested and reported a bug in WSPR 2.1, r2198. The bug caused Tx image rejection to disappear and re-appear without notice. Very bad!

This problem has been fixed, and WSPR 2.1 r2206 is now posted at:

Changes since r2198:

1. Intermittent Tx phasing bug has been fixed.

2. Added a Help-menu item to call up the WSPR 2.1 Supplement to the User's Guide.

3. Starting to add SoftRock rig control features for use under Linux. (Not yet complete.)

Remember, if you are trying to configure the Tx or Rx phasing adjustments in WSPR 2.1, please read the instructions at:

A Linux version of WSPR 2.1 should be available soon.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT