Move your Tx Frequency!

Especially for new WSPR users, I call attention to the following text from step #7 of the quick-start instructions from the User's Guide:

"Select a desired Tx frequency by double-clicking somewhere in the graphical display area. Available Tx frequencies fall in the range 1400–1600 Hz above the dial frequency. Clicking near the bottom of the graphical area gives a frequency near the lower limit, and clicking near the top puts you near the upper limit."

As I write these words, I'm WSPRing on 80 meters, and quite a few signals are present. Unhappily, about half of them are right in the middle of the WSPR band -- where your signal goes if you don't do the step mentioned above. Of course this unnecessary crowding causes many collisions.

Folks, the 200 Hz "WSPR bands" are actually pretty wide. Spread out and use them, and you'll be spotted far more often!

-- 73, Joe, K1JT