Accurate Frequency Measurements

To all those who expressed interest in my software utilities that can help you make very accurate frequency measurements with your CAT-controlled WSPR setup:

These programs are now included in a new WSPR 2.11 package just posted on the WSJT Home Page:

Click on WSPR at the left margin, then on the appropriate link under Downloads. Don't forget to print and study the "FMT User's Guide", . These are not GUI programs, and they have no built-in help files. I guarantee that you'll have no luck using the FMT package without reading its User's Guide! (However, it should be easy reading...)

This has been something of a rush job, since the November 2010 ARRL Frequency Measuring Test is just 9 days from now. If you find errors in the instructions, please send me details.

Good luck with your measurements in the FMT!

-- 73, Joe, K1JT