Signal T61AA @ PA3GYK with qrm (in 3D)

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I am running a wspr station for a couple of weeks now, and 'its fun!'

Station Setup here:
8 meter vertical on a steel grid, atu at the feeding point.
homebrew FD3 (40-80mband)
TS430 modified (so i can use cw if filter (250HZ) in ssb mode).
mfj784b dsp filter tuned at a 225HZ bandwith.
Homebrew interface to cpu with 1:1 transformers, ptt = vox driven.
power meter, calibrated, measuring down to 10mW

This morning a made a 3D snapshot of T61AA's signal on 17m.
Special about it is the crossing carrier, that hops the band in and out over here.
At the picture you see the carrier crossing from the top left to bottom right, crossing the signal (with fading).
The message was still decoded due to FEC.

I am using spectrum lab to align audio signals to maximum dynamic range, so the full number of bits is used.


de PA3GYK - Hendrik