check your computer clock !

playing around with wspr on several systems at the same moment, i found out that there was a difference in time (wspr program) after a few hours.
One clock was about 30 seconds ahead of the other computer.
However i synchronize (ntp) the clocks in windows (every 24 hours).
But that seems not to be enough for some computers, gives a difference of minutes per day!
Timing is very crucial in WSPR , the more your of timing, the less spots you get.

On the web a found a freeware program called 'automachron'.

With this tool you can synchronize as often as you want, and also see what the time difference was at moment of sync.
I use the local university's ntp server.

With this tool i found out that one computer had a difference of 9 sec/hour, oops!
the other system has 5mS/hour, cool!

So now i synchronize one system every 900 seconds to stay within reasonable limits.
and the other every 7200 seconds.

So in the future i will be on the correct time!

have fun!
Hendrik de PA3GYK

p.s. dot not synchronize to often, ntp providers don't like that.