WSPR 3.0 Alert

Everyone here knows that WSPR is open source software. The full source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and is available to anyone, under the conditions of that license, at

A number of people have contributed to the development of WSPR. We communicate with each other by means of an email reflector hosted at the above URL.

At a given time there is typically a "released" version of WSPR, possibly a newer "beta release", and perhaps even newer source code that may lead eventually to another release. Download links to the standard release (and possibly a beta release) appear on a page at the WSJT web site, together with a few details about their features and links to available documentation:

WSPR 3.0 is now in the above-mentioned category of "even newer source code that may lead eventually to another release". Version 3.0 is NOT presently a released version of WSPR, nor even a beta release. It is code in development. It has known bugs, and it is NOT presently recommended for general use.

If you wish to run compiled-at-home versions of WSPR, as opposed to contributing to WSPR development, I strongly recommend that you do so with souce code at the revision numbers of released or "beta released" versions. At present these are:

WSPR 2.0 r1714
WSPR 2.11 r2263

With best wishes,

-- 73, Joe, K1JT