Lighthouse weekend 2011

August sometime - to be confirmed. 2009 : Pencarrow at the mouth of Wellington Harbour - good fun was had, with a fullwave 160m dipole from the upper lighthouse all the way to sea level (the bottom end was IN the surf at high tide!) but the digital modes didn't get a chance due to interference caused.

We're planning to head to Somes (Matua) Island this year - in the middle of Wellington Harbour. RE78kr or thereabouts.
Three potential operating positions on the island, (with accomodation!), so physical separation between bands and modes this time - hopefully. Last time, Digital modes got the kibosh due to QRM to the voice operators from the computer, UPS and Generator. Though they were quite happy for the 2800W generator to top up the batteries; hi! And it was handy to boil the jug for a coffee at times.

This time, I'll have a bit of separation, site and antennas, also power supply. So the voiceys can do their bit; I'll plan to warble 40-6m and of course wspr while not active on other digital modes.