New antenna here

Just put a 7.5m vertical on the back fence. Couple of counterpoise wires along the fence. Self-resonant about 8.6MHz but tunes well on 40-6m. Will shorten it tomorrow to be self-resonant on 30m, but in the meantime, the LDG Z-11 ATU seems to be doing the job. Eventually a remote switched loading coil to accomodate 80-6m is in the plan.

Much more lively than the experimental 30M (horizontal) flat-top (in the walnut tree to the east and the plum tree to the west) fed with 10.7m 300 ohm ribbon that I have been using for the last year on 30-10m.

I don't expect the vertical to last the next windstorm - it's a little fragile. But it's too long anyway, so a bit of shortening is appropriate! Tnx to Allan at work for creating the mounting arrangement out of a PVC chopping board, and to ZL2SY for the counterpoise wires.