Linux Ubuntu 8.10 WSJT7 and WSPR

When is it too soon to say ? Well I have had no crashes yet.
I am living the Linux dream. I no longer need to change computers to change to WSJT7 WSPR QSO mode and WSPR1.1
I have not run Windows in the shack for a couple weeks, all mode operation on Linux is a possibility.
Apart form a few GUI issues which I have cured on WSPR, all is great. My compiles can be sent to OZ1PIF for test and they are stable.

A few tips for those running Ubuntu 8.10 and compiling. In addition to the instructions from

Do install g95 Fortran compiler and configure to compile using that. Not doing so can result it failure to run, crashes and some funny little quirks.

Crashes during runtime can result from use of numpy1.1.1, down grade to numpy1.0.4. Compile using this also.

Don't ask why, just do it if you want success.