30m antenna "upgrade"

Motivated by the QRPp day on 30m (and stuck without a ready to hand attenuator to knock down the output power of the TS-2000 further... I decided to grab a manual antenna tuner, put it at the base of my 160m inverted L and load it up on 30m.

This is a second "temporary" antenna for 30m - I've been using a short home-brew vertical that I use when portable - its about 12 feet high, center loaded with 4 short (non-resonant) radials.

There's a significant difference (no surprise!) between the inverted L and the short vertical - the L hears and radiates a heck of a sight better with spots between the two being aware from 3-7 dB better on the L.

My next move is going to be getting an auto tuner to locate at the base of the inverted L and then use it for 80, 40 and 30m. The EZNEC model of the inverted L on these bands looks better than a shortened vertical such as the 43 foot job from DX Engineering.

WSPR is very helpful in making A/B comparisons between antennas as well as being an incredible propagation tool.

Perhaps we should consider dBm of ERP rather than dbm of transmitter power!