USB Support

First, from a new member and interested weak signal newbie, hello to all. I hope to be seing many of you on the decode screen soon.

I'm not new to amateur radio, first licensed in 1963, but I am relatively new to the digital modes and especially VHF/UHF. I have set up a simple V/U sat capability and will continue to imprve it and add for a potential EME set-up.

I'm also active on HF with Jt65, olivia, hell, and psk.

I've been running multipsk and fldigi as my primary software since it runs on my old win2000 P3 733. Until I came to the WSJT stuff, I was gettin along fine on the old machine. It does work after a fashion with the ver 4.09 WSJT, I am missing some operator conveniences and the addition of WSPR w/WSJT by not using the current versions. They just wont run on the 733MHz machine.

I am intriqued by WSPR so I loaded it up on my 2.5GHz laptop and fired it up. Now it was working just fine in rx, so I started sending beacons. It took a bit of fiddling to get the usb/rs232 adapter on the correct com port but I've been around that problem for a while doing APRS from the laptop--you know, only usb ports. So I get it working and it receives spots and sends beacons correctly for several hours. Then, I relaunched the WSPR app and it wont work the com port anymore. Its on all the time, like the logic got reversed but it never shuts off. I reloaded everything I could think of and looked into everything but cannot figure out what happened. I had a second adapter to try but it always did this anyway so I kinda out of the two-way WSPR business for a while.

I'm getting a 2GHz upgrade for the old PC so that will get it going I hope.

So the question is, if the software keeps requireing more cpu power, how long will it be before it gets hard to find a fast pc with serial ports? Especially laptops--they nearly dont exist now.

Anyone else solve this in a tidy fashion?

Also, for you running Linux Ubuntu, does the reduced OS overhead (fat) decrease the need for quite a fast PC? Seems to in every other sense but crunching DSP is pretty much a horsepower issue in my experience.

Anyway, glad to be here among leading edge minds and operators. Thanks for bearing with me.