Stations from USA

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I received on june 18 KA1MDA around 20h00 and agn on june 19 around 18h00 with K1JT. Monday june 20 i received agn K1JT but around 13h00.Pse see the attachment.
For all the spots above i was far from my shack.

Will be nice if the software emits for a programmed call/land send a sound.
Will be nice (again) if the software makes the radio change the bands (6m and 2m).
will be niice (yes i know) if the software sense the signals and commute via the CAT the radio to the upper band.
Last week my radio was in 6m band wispering, after a few minutes the signals jumped to over 10db.I turned on my 2m radio and found F6KHM calling cq @ 144.300. He was 59 with me.

Tnx Dr Joe for what u do & did for us, the hamradio community.