1st attempt to whisper...

Currently my FT-817ND is transmitting on 20 metres, powered by a lead-acid battery which in turn is buffered by a small solar panel. The transmitted signal is picked up by the microphone, using the vox to toggle RX/TX. Antenna is the 4 band groundplane GPA404. Best DX so far:
2011-07-11T20:32 PA0PJE  14.097093 -17 0 JO22lj 5W 4X1RF KM72ls 3244km  az:120 

and now even better...:-)
2011-07-11T20:52 PA0PJE 14.097107 -26 0 JO22lj 5W CX2ABP GF15wc 11364km az:227

73, Peter