WSJT7 WSPR QSO Mode Compiled on Ubuntu 8.10

Following the low-down on compiling WSPR1.1 on Ubuntu 8.10 I can confirm that WSPR7 compiles and runs stable locally at least with:- numpy 1.1.1. Fortran compiler:- g95.

It still needs to undergo overseas trials. The GUI is fine on default Ubuntu display and font settings. From previous experience I am pretty sure it will do large high definition monitors.

QSO's have been made on WSPR QSO mode and many of the other mode available. I have even had a JT65 6m Meteor Scatter contact with my own compile at both ends of the link.

I shall continue to check any new revisions and releases that come along in order to encourage the ordinary user to give Linux and compiling a go.

The level of queries are not daunting so any questions just ask. I shall not bite you head off.