JA to VK 10, 6 & 2m Trans-Equatorial Propagation

Thanks to Jim JG1KGS, a few of the stations down here in VK have been lucky to hear and be heard by him on 28 MHz WSPR this week on the TEP paths. A few very strong signals on the 28 MHz band into the +10dB area with only low power.

I have set up a page on my website to try and monitor the TEP openings from 28 - 50 - 144 MHz. http://www.vk2krr.com/evening_japan_tep_log.htm

Will try and keep track of the best times.

Probably one of the best TEP paths is between VK & JA but no contacts have been made for quite a while on 144 MHz.

It would be good to see a lot more stations from Japan on WSPR, esp 28, 50 , 144, especially with yagis.

Im still in the process of setting up 6m here but I can get on 10 & 2m no problems.

I'll try update this blog entry a bit when I can.