WB2YDS Setup

WB2YDS WSPR Station Info

LOCATION : Long Island IOTA NA-026 in
Grid FN30nw

RIGS : IC703+ and IC706MKIIG with TCXO usually set for 1 Watt output .

COMPUTER : An ancient Dell Optiplex desktop , Pentium 3 ( I think) running
Windows XP . Seems to do a great Job on WSPR and other Digimodes using Multipsk.

INTERFACE : The Rigblaster Plug and Play.

TIMING: Searched the Junk Pile and found my old Garmin GPS II that has not seen much use in the last few years. But I did have the 12v/RS232 Cable for it. Since it has a BNC antenna Jack on it I found a Marine GPS Antenna at the local Marine supply store. For test purposes, the antenna was simply mounted on a short piece of PVC pipe driven into the ground out in the garden. Not the best location but it works giving me enough GPS coverage to get time outputs for the old Dell clunker mentioned above, which has 2 serial ports. I use COAA GPSTime freeware to sync the system clock every hour or so.


ATTIC LOOP 2 Meters High by 13 Meters Long tuned with Icom AH4 Coupler. Loop made with
good old Radio Shock speaker wire .
Used on 40 through 10 Meters.

INVERTED L 30 Meters Long with remote
Tuner at Base . Used on 40 and 160 M.
Also made with speaker wire

DIPOLE 120 Ft Long fed with 450 Ohm Line .
Used on 80 Meters . This is the Van Gordon
All Bander Dipole.

LPDA For for 6 M thru 70 cm . Made by Cushcraft
a few years back. Has been mechanically redesigned a bit but works well for a general purpose antenna .

Would like to try some 6 and 2 meter WSPR qso.
now that the IC706 has the txco installed.

73 to all