160m antenna re-build

Just for all the 160m peoples info, you may have noticed Ive not been on 160m past few nights, ive not abandoned the band, but have removed parts of the Beverage antenna system as Im completely re-building it.
It was originally only set up in a temporary state just for testing purposes to see if it would work, and it seems to go OK, even though it has been set up quite poorly which would give it low efficiency.
The re-build will be a permanent set up with double to amount of supports, and nearly double the length, possibly tripple thickness of wire. I will also be adjusting where its pointing slightly as it was about 316 deg before, this time it will be about 300 deg so its better aimed at Europe. If it really nulls out the USA I will add a 2nd one aiming at the USA. Im also moving it from starting inside the house yard to start at the yard fence away from buildings.
The length will be increased from 1 WL (160m) to 1-3/4 WL (280m).
So hopefully it should work even better than it was working before very soon.

Leigh VK2KRR