Arduino Mega and DDS-60 WSPR/QRSS Signal Source

I have recently completed a WSPR/QRSS beacon project using an Arduino Mega and DDS-60 signal source.

The project includes:
- NMEA GPS, WWVB or independent timing for UTC synchronization of WSPR and QRSS transmissions
- On chip generation of WSPR message
- ‘On-the-fly’ GPS generation of grid square location for portable WSPR operation
- 6 thru 160 meter operation with VFO control
- Single band operation or coordinated frequency hopping for multi-band WSPR transmissions
- 20x4 LCD display of frequency, time, transmission mode, timing source, callsign, grid-square, power, latitude, longitude, and WWVB pulse width
- Flexible time slot control of band selection and mode of operation
- QRSS Morse FSK with graphical sine wave option

Additional information is located at:

Gene W3PM