50 MHz (6m) stations required on WSPR

Hi Folks, as you would be aware, as the sunspot numbers rise and solar flux etc, the chances of signals passing on the 6m band increase.
We down in Australia have quite a good following on 6m WSPR with operators showing up on the map from different parts of the country.
We really would like to see some more stations on 6m WSPR from specific locations at the moment, particularly those with yagi antennas, but an omni will do if thats all thats available. Even if you can only listen and not TX that is still a good help.
As the sun is heading south at the moment it would be valuable to have more stations anywhere in the southern hemisphere.
But we would also like to see some stations from Hawaii, and also west coast USA.
More stations from Japan and other Asian areas, also Russia.
Yes, some times it may not be easy, and sometimes you may hear nothing for quite a while, but hopefully that rare signal path that comes through that you weren't expecting will make it all worth while!
So any further stations that could come up on 6m WSPR would be much appreciated by us all.
Leigh VK2KRR