WSPR on 10 GHz ( 3 cm )

On Dec.12, 2011 K6HLH and W6SZ, both members of the San Bernardino Microwave Society ( SBMS ) made their first WSPR
exchanges on 10368.305 MHz ( 3 cm ) The equipment consisted out of normal type narrow band transceivers as being used
in present day microwave amateur radio.

Computers were time synchronized by GPS. K6HLZ uses a GPS disciplined 10 MHz source, W6SZ has a double oven 10 MHz source as
frequency determining element. K6HLH worked from his home QTH, W6SZ worked from a field location.

The exchanges were point to point. No frequency stability problems were encountered. Placing the WSPR signal within
a predetermined 200 Hz wide frequency band presented no special problem.

This first test was mainly done to check for operational problems.

WSJT65A tests on 10 GHz with AF6NA, also a SBMS member, and W6SZ had been made already some time ago. These exchanges were done
by bouncing the signal off a mountain on both sides.

Many more tests are in the planning phases.

73 Rein W6SZ