Convert a 10M 1/2 wave vertical to 6M for WSPR UPDATED with real half wave.

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A proper 1/2 wave antenna.

The old Quickfix

The silly season is upon us downunder, 6M (Magic band) madness has proven to be same as every year after the Summer Solstice.
Sporadic E forms and the various forums and chats all get excited, luckily the vklogger forum has added the WSPR mode to its posting board.
Now we can post a WSPR mode contact along with SSB and CW etc.
I made a 1/2 wave vertical for 6M recently, it took 10 minutes to assemble and test with 1.1 SWR first time.
But it was rather heavy being constructed from 3/4 inch copper pipe (leftover from Magloop making).
About 2.940 Metres tall it was bending its mount in the wind.
So, some Googling and I found a solution, just slightly modify a 10M 1/2 wave base antenna.
Having such a monster, converted from 11M CB to 10M ham, it was ideal.
By just shorting out most of the large aluminium coils it tuned to 6M, my local beacon on 50.066MHz increased from S1 up to S7.
The SWR was 1.1, woohoo!
Wspering on 10M using that antenna has spotted the world, it is now on 6M with a small wire link
I did a bothways with VK2XN Wayne on the east coast 3,246KM.
Just spotted Leigh VK2KRR at 2,901Km too.

Keep it simple - I am basically lazy HiHi

Happy New Year to all