30M Mysterious signals just above WSPR

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Since I started WSPRing 3 years 38 weeks ago on 30M, I have heard data signals above the Wspr slot. Of course you actually listen to the audio when starting Wspr.

Just this morning I heard a JT65 signal inside the Wspr passband, starting up WSJT I monitored the JT65.

It was a C91 station sending a CQ, also on the WSJT waterfall was my old data signals.
Looking at the screen capture it looks like a narrow FSK signal from one station to another, one strong (S9) and the other weaker signal in return, then stops.

The signals have been on the same frequency never changing, possibly a comms link, for what purpose I haven't got a clue.

Have you heard them?

Does anyone know what it is for please post a reply.