Animated WSPR Map Generator BETA available


After getting very positive feedback from many of you regarding the WSPR map generator I wrote, I decided to go ahead and make it available to all Amateurs. You can find it here.

Remember, it's a beta, and for now there's only data for December 1, 2011 thru 23:58 on the previous UTC day (assuming my auto upload scripts work!). Please enjoy!

Some of the features:

Current Features
1) Search By receiving callsign (Who did I hear?)
2) Search By Transmitting station (Who heard me?)
3) User-defined spot aggregation time
4) User-defined delay between frames
5) Choice of 2- or 4-character gridsquare blocks
6) Option to draw and label grid boxes
7) Option to suppress frames with no spots
8) search limits by start/stop time
9) use transparency to make files smaller

Already Planned Features

1) Add search limits for bands(s), distance, power, etc
2) Customize legend to only show bands heard