EA8/LA3JJ correct grid

I will be operating from my QTH on the island of Fuerteventura from January 13 - January 25.
Also planning a trip from March 5 - March 26. Grid is IL38ar (corrected). Do not know yet when internet will be ready in the shack. Bringing only the smallwonderlabs PSK30 this time so operation will be limited to a fixed 2.5 kHz part of the 30m band. If internet connection is not ready I will have to upload/download the reports the next day. The callsign will be EA8/LA3JJ transmitting only LA3JJ on WSPR as it does not allow more than 6 characters in the callsign as far as I know..? If anyone have more information about this problem I will be very pleased to know.
Conds are better there, and I hope to be spotted from ZL and from SA.
Power will be abt 0,5 W on wspr mode. I will be using the GPA303 antenna.
Will also be on the more conventional digital modes away from our 200Hz band.

- looking forward to spotting you -

Jon Ove