Hi all wspr friends,
There are moments, - also in our wspr life that should be shared.
A screenshot may say a lot more than words can express. ;-)
Instead of posting the links on the chat I will put them here on this blog with a short comment.


I have had the K9AY loop up for a few weeks now. To start with I was not at all amazed.
Probably due to the fact that I have to test it under the right conditions, - low angle radiation!
Also contributing to not so great success is that the other two antennas here, the big loop and the inv L are good antennas as well. More screenshots later.


- not a screenshot, it is my old SmallWonderLabs PSK-30 modified with the FA-SY Si570 module

It is located in my cold garage (-12C this morning). This will affect the frequency of the poor thing.
I try to keep it running on 30m most of the time.

Was very happy to read the article by Thomas Baier DG8SAQ in the latest issue of Funkamateur on how to use temp. compensation with the FA-SY / Si570.


I have been testing WSJT-X and the results are quite ok with the JT9-1 and JT9-2 but I do have some problems with decoding on modes JT9-5 and above. Here is a screenshot from today: