Dear friends - men and robots,

The development of our hobby is amazing, some new things will catch on very fast.
I was thrown into this WSPR thing late November last year and must admit that I have not had many “real QSO’s” since then. And my wife also appreciates this as I can in a greater extent be a part of the real world while I am enjoying my hobby. She noticed the change, so I explained some of the changes. “Oh, so you are just talking to robots now, well that’s a strange development!”
It made me think, would be better to know if there is actually a person somewhere in the other end.
May be WSPR QSO mode is something for me
Tried it for some days now and it is not easy. Only correct answer to my CQ EA8/LA3JJ call was from VE9DX and it was hash coded as it should be. But conds changed and I took to long…
It seems that everybody else are in the same learning curve as myself.
To you all: read the manuals carefully and understand about hash coding and limitations of messages before you go on. I have learned a lot through trial and error the last days and hope I will soon be able to make WSPR QSO’s efficiently.
Question: Is it ok to have WSPR QSO’s within our 200Hz segment? And are there alternative frequencies for this sub-mode?

PS came down with the flu when I flew down here so activities has not been as intended…. Se my other blog