QSO-mode not easy

I'm back home and things are back to normal.
Sorry if some of my "unnormal" experiments with the WSPR and the WSJT7 did upset somebody.
Being without internet made me try to communicate directly in WSPR mode, probably not a sin, but still not normal behaviour!
I will not make it a habit.

Two problems that I would like to mention:

1. When using WSPR only p/ calls like EA8/LA3JJ will not work.
Solution A: To use the home call and in addition send complete CW ID.
First days I used MixW and WSPR simultaneously, sending CW ID from MixW at higest rate in the last seconds of each timeslot.
This was a procedure that required manual timing so I looked for other means.

Solution B: To use WSPR and WSJT7 simultaneously sending DE EA8/LA3JJ in some of the WSPR Rx slots.
This required less timing effort and as an extra bonus WSJT7 does have a built in CW ID generator (at 800Hz).
I also tried using WSJT7 as a Tx robot sending all the required WSPR information which worked fine except from uploading of received messages.

2. When still using WSJT7 I was tempted to try WSPR-QSO. I made WSJT7 listen for signals above the WSPR-band, but nothing received. So I was very happy when VE9DX came back to my second CQ call 30Hz above our band.
The next days a lot of trial and error in and out of the 200Hz band. Only one qso! The main problem is again that I have a p/ callsign. The EA8/LA3JJ call can be used but only in certain few combinations. A station answering my CQ must use the "hashed" , even though the program suggests otherwise as Tx2 option.
There are not many operators on WSPR-QSO mode, and even fewer experienced ones that know all the limitations of the WSPR-messages.
I think it would be a good help if some of the guys with deep knowledge of the stuff could show how two stations both having p/ callsigns would communicate. It is surely possible to do, but not very easy.

Those two problems may be solved by adding functions or information in WSPR documents, as a newcomer to this I do not suggest, others may...

Thanks to all for thousands of spots from several hundred stations during my two Weeks. The longest distance and the best km/W was:

ZL1BPU RF72 18734 gave a -21 report on my 1 watt. Sorry I did not bring my attenuator.

73 Jon LA3JJ