Getting the softrocks on the right frequency

The Softrocks, and many other Si570 based designs are a bit temperature dependent.
I am trying to tx on 10140277 Hz with my portable rig. To check the frequency I will just read the frequency reported back to me..
As you all know the result is not very clear. One stn will tell I am on 289 Hz and another is telling me I am on 258 Hz.
I am all alone in the woods with my little softrock and on frequency unknown!

What I have done to resolve this may be of help to some of my dear wspring friends as well, so that is why this is written.

Keep in mind that this is intended as an quick and easy fix out in the field (or a remote cottage) and not as a Softrock Calibration Procedure.

I have made the Other Band selection to listen for the Russian freq std stn at 9.996 MHz.
Just put the Dial freq to 9.994500. Then on Setup Advanced adjust the A-value.

When the weather changes be prepared to adjust.

Here is my screenshot:

NB! always remember to turn off Upload spots and to turn tx fraction to 0.

Jon Ove