Extended Activity Periods

I think the concept of the Wednesday Special Activity Day (SAD) is excellent and up to now has been very successful in encouraging stations to try bands other than 30m. I do think however that it could be far more useful if it were extended into activity periods of say 3 days at a time over Friday, Saturday, Sunday for instance. This would allow operators who are at work during the week to take part and maximise activity.

Some stations are already doing extended transmit and receive antenna experiments, some are involved in propagation research, others in qrpp activity. All of these would benefit from extended periods of activity to obtain reliable results. It might also allow stations to perhaps try out different antennas during the activity period in the knowledge that the activity would be there again the next day/night.

The following list of dates, allows for activity on mainly darkness bands like 160m and daylight bands like 10m to take place during the same activity period.

Extended 3 day activity periods

6 – 8 February 160m/10m
13 – 15 February 80m/12m
20 – 22 February 40m/15m
27 Feb – 1 March 60m/17m
6 – 8 March 160m/20m
13 – 15 March 80m/15m
20 –22 March 40/12m
27 March – 29 March 60m/10m
3 April – 5 April 160m/17m

Wednesday activity periods for the HF bands:

11 February 10m
18 February 12m
25 February 15m
4 March 17m
11 March 20m
18 March 10m
25 March 12m