2 Metres

Mmm!, thought of using the HB9CV for WSPR on 2, but decided to see what action there is on UI-View lately instead. Used to have it running years ago with the KW D-700, but had to flog it when financially embarrassed *sigh*. Anyway, seing as the IC-E2820 has only entertained one Digital Voice for over a year now (No repeaters in range), decided to use it on 144.800 with the old PK-12 tnc, plus the HB8CV of course. Since the new Kenwood has been around for a while now, it would appear that UI-View has had a resurgeance. Loads of peeps on the screen, i see now. This is running on a seperate computer to the WSPR set-up incidentally.

Also on that computer, using a switchable serial port, is Radiocom 6 driving an IC-817 for SWL'ng. Invariably i leave that decoding NAVTEX which is built in the Radiocom software. It also has SSTV and PSK capability, but honestly, it is not a patch on MMSSTV and Multipsk/DM 780.

The WSPR computer is also setup to drive a PCR-100 with Radiocom 6/Ham Radio Deluxe, BCTOOL driving a Uniden UBC3500XLT scanner, or SBS1 virtual radar.

Not connected to computers are UBC780XLT/UBC3300XLT scanners and a pristine condition FRG-7.

As the 817's tx capability has gone kaput, i can't run WSPR on a seperate band at the same time. I guess i could rig up an old Pesident Lincoln for ten metrs, using a Rigblaster Pro, both of which that i have in the reserves box. Have to wait the right mood for that project, i think. Does the activity justify the agg of sorting out the mic connections though?. Maybe i'll just stick to 40 as the EH Cobra is performing well enough to keep me well occupied. Fancy a go at JT65 sometime aswell. Bit more complicated than WSPR, but should be able to get my 66 year old brain round it, i reckon.

Oh well!. Time for tea and chocolate digestives i think. di di di dah di dah.