160m again superbly active during the EU sunrise

Yes really active. This morning between 04:08z and 06:04z no less than 50 dx spots "across the pond" with an beautiful and constant propagation, clean traces without qsb or qrn.
10 stations have benefited from these conditions and of course there is still room for new entrants during this magical time of sunrise. So come on guys,...

By my side, 6 NA stations spotted with a new one K7EA (Richard), bringing my Challenge score to 8 since aug-24/2013.

NA Callsign listing (pwr): VA3MW/P(5w), W1FVB(1w), WB5WPA(5w), VE3SWS(5w), K4RCG(5w), K9PAW(1w), K9YWO(1w), K7EA(5w).

My score is probably close of Tom (G8HUH), the best ears in central europe.

Thank you to all , the new season is well underway ; GREAT!!

73, Patrick