What your hearing

I can't believe it. Looking at the map. All that activity and i'm not even hearing anyone "beaconing". Yes i have a 30 meter dipole up and it works well. I hear the Propnet folks and other signals but i'm not getting anything with WSPR or WSJT 6. An occasional "funny" catch and i see the signals on WSJT 6. Only thing i get with that is an occasional "73", RRR or RO. Can propagation be that bad? In the past months i've collected pages of spots on WSJT 6, now i haven't spotted anything at all. Like waiting for good propagation to come around, i may not have any hair left by then. Makes me wonder if i'm on the right frequency sometimes. 7040, 10.140 and 14076. I hear all sorts of signals around and see them on SpectJT but get nothing in the way of callsigns etc. What am i doing wrong all of a sudden?