The difficult case of the 40m band

As already mentionned,the current WSPR recommended frequency is far from being ideal for WSPR users located in Europe.
A certain number of Region 1 countries still has 7.100 as upper band limit, therefore 7076 is in the middle of the SSB segment, which makes the frequency unusable (at least on RX), especialy in the evening and early morning (when the SSB activity is maximal and the conditions still favorable for continental distances). This almost forbid the band to be used for tests with AS and OC both at short path (EU-evening) and at long path (EU-morning).
Yesterday evening we tried 7037.6, but we were a bit close from the "C" CW-beacon (Moscow I think), which is very strong in EU in the evening. However, I successfully received KC2RXS and W8LIW several times (both using 1W), which would have been impossible on the regular frequency at this time of the evening.
I'd like to suggest 7037.7-dial frequency (7039.2 as band center) to be used, at least from time to time especialy for tests involving Region 1 a Region 3 users.
It does not mean that this frequency will be always clean, as there is a potential for RTTY, Olivia, MFSK, Pactor activity in this band segment, plus a few SSB'ers using 7040 LSB, but at least it would give a chance to EU to be on the band around EU sunset/sunrise when the band is the most interesting for long DX and 7076 more QRM by SSB DX'ers...
Last but not least, this frequency is compliant with the IARU R1 recommended Bandplan.
Your comments will be appreciated.