160m Antennas - Beverage toward Europe

Just want to advise our 160m operators that I currently have up a 160m Beverage antenna and a 1/2 wave Inverted V dipole.

As the Beverage is an RX only antenna, what I am doing is running the Inv V for the USA guys (TX/RX) until I head to bed, then switching over to the Beverage to run RX mode till sunrise.

The Beverage is a full wavelength on 160m, so 160m in length. It has been set up aimed roughly in Europe direction, about 310 deg. In theory, it should have a good front lobe toward Europe of about 60 deg. Its only about 1.1m above ground, and does cut out lightning static quite significantly. There could also be issues with Kangaroos hopping into the wire at night time, though I have been out and scared a few away last night and tonight. So if suddenly I stop hearing Derek, you could assume its been damaged.
The wire is 0.6mm single strand, insulated. I only have up about 1/2 the number of supports I wanted to run to hold the wire up, but its actually looking not to bad even with the supports at 20m intervals.

Last night was the first test run and saw good reports for Derek VK6DZ's signals, even though technically he is off the side a bit. There were no EU signals heard, but that could just be conditions.

Hope to hear some of you, good luck.