432 MHz WSPR over the Pacific Coastal Range

I checked into the Northern California 432 SSB Net on 432.100 MHz at 1900 PST on Sunday night and also listened carefully as 1 kW net control station KG6HXI in Wilton CA swung her large Yagi antenna calling for check ins around the compass points. I heard some weak SSB signals at or below the noise level from the north and south SF bay area. This suggests that 432 MHz WSPR contacts are possible from Sacramento to those areas.

This Radio Mobile coverage map for the 5 element 432 MHz Yagi with a fixed 230° bearing shows the 3 dB beam width extending from near Santa Rosa to San Jose on the Pacific Coast. The coastal ranges present a formidable obstacle for this radio circuit. My station will be on 432.301510 MHz with the Northern California VHF/UHF WSPR Study Group from Tuesday night through Wednesday.

Carol KP4MD, Citrus Heights, CA

18 DEC 2013 update - This Propagation map shows 432 MHz WSPR contacts achieved over the Pacific Coast ranges with 50 watts and 5 element Yagi antenna at 17 feet at KP4MD station near Sacramento, California.