Testing New Antenna

Just put up a new antenna. I made it for a Field Day contest for portable operation. It's up in the trees at my place for testing and tweaking. It's a vee beam. Legs are cut for one wavelength at 40 metres. I made it after reading several websites, and settled on the document by ZS1AN at http://www.qsl.net/zs1an/weekend_antennas_2.pdf.

This wire antenna is fed with several metres of twin feed, a 4:1 air wound balun, then coax to the tuner. At the moment, SWR measurements are a bit high (as high as 4.0:1 in some places) but that should be fixed when I do the final tweaking.

This antenna works on multi bands. It's not better than my YAGI on 10,15,20, but it's a darn good antenna for good results in a portable situation.

the beam is pointing sort of towards Europe (the included angle is about 90 degrees, so the beam is not narrow). I'm using it tonight for WSPR.

I had to buy a 100m spool of 1mm insulated wire, but everything else came form the shed. I made spreaders for the parallel feed line out of 12mm black polyethylene tubing - I simply piered the holes and pushed the wire through. The holes try to close up again, and hold on tight to the wire. No glue needed!

the hardest part of the project was to find three tall trees that would hold my antenna up without fouling other trees. I managed to get it right on the third try. Later this week I'll put an antenna analyser on it to enable me to finish the tweaking.