Finally! VK2KRR (Leigh) in my 160m log

Since September 2013 start date of my new season on 160m WSPR I was happy to know that Leigh (VK2KRR) came back to the 160m. I was a little impatient to spot again Leigh . The last time was on 25/04/2012 .....
Well last night, as we say in French "J'ai remis le couvert" (I've done it again) :

2014-01-21 19:24 VK2KRR 1.838101 -25 0 20 QF34mr JN07th F59706 16864 306

It's really fun because we are really few(5 stations I think) in Europe to have yet decoded his signal.
I am grateful to Leigh for its regular presence as well Derek (VK6DZ) (not yet in my log).
See you again Leigh,..

73, Patrick