My 160m goal is reached !!

The goal of my 160m season is already reached. After the latest night, my 160m Challenge of reception include 29 unique callsigns of North American stations. I finished the previous season with a count of 27. So I hope now to "blow up" this score because the period is not over.

I have a great pleasure to publish this list with the power to show the qrp spirit of all the station i heard.

up to january 28- 2014- NA listing - Call (pwr): VA3MW(1w), W1FVB(0.5w), WB5WPA(5w), VE3SWS(5w), K4RCG(5w), K9PAW(1w), K9YWO(1w), KE7A(5w), KU4XR(5w), W8AC(5w), K5DNL(5w), W3PM(5w), N2NOM(5w), N0NCO(5w), W1CK(1w), N1NCO(5w), VA3XH(5w), VA3SK(2w), KC2STA(5w), WD4ELG(5w), W3TMB(5w), KA1SX(5w), W9HAK(5w), K3PGP(1w), W3ZUP(10w), N9XG(2w), W5CGC(10w), KD2MX(5w), N1NAZ(?).

Many thanks to all, 73 -Patrick