Power levels

I just wanted to make it clear to everyone that I didn't mean to criticize anyone's operation by the "WSPR, don't shout!" article below. It was just a play on words, not a directive. I had noticed that the average power levels were rising, and I was curious about that.

In fact, a range of power levels is most interesting from a research point of view, as it allows us to probe a larger range of path loss. Personally, I get my grins by seeing how far I can get with very low power. So far, I've made it into Europe several times on 3mW, but not 1mW; halfway around the world on 100mW a bunch of times, but not lower. But I'm certainly not telling anyone how to operate.

I also figure the lower we keep things, the less likely we are to come under criticism from operators of other modes nearby. I think the ET3AA operation is wonderful, as it gives us some great data points from another part of the world. Carry on!