WSPR Development

I've received several questions recently about plans for future development of WSPR, so perhaps this is a good time for a public update.

As you probably know, WSPR is one of a group of programs all related to weak-signal communication by Amateur Radio. The other programs are WSJT, MAP65, WSPR, WSJT-X, and WSPR-X. All are described and hosted on the WSJT Home Page, , and their open source code is available at . Members of an active WSJT Developers Group are currently busy with various enhancements to the programs themselves, their documentation, and procedures for compiling and distributing them. Recently much of the new effort has been devoted to WSJT-X and MAP65.

The latest full version of WSPR, v4.0, has automated "band hopping" features and support for SoftRock and similar hardware. A few of us have been using this version recently. An open beta release will be made when the documentation is finished.

The experimental version called WSPR-X is also alive and well, although there's little reason to use it unless you wish to use the experimental WSPR-15 mode. WSPR-X does not offer band-hopping, support for I/Q audio, or various other features that are present in WSPR.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT