Windows XT and Windows 7 functioning on Ham software and older PC's.

Hello everyone

Years I used the old XP to serve me on Ham software , Power SDR, MultiPSK, MixwW 2.20,
FLDigi 1.3.15,WSPR and Bandmaster, and had it all working for the station here,
with the Kenwood TS-870 dsp, IC 706 MK2G, and recent a homebuilt SDR 1000 the HA-SDR1000,
So the adventure with Win7 64 bit ended in the incompatibility with Power SDR for the SDR 1000, I buyed 2 Dell Desktops Pentium D a 745 and a GX 620.
So the X64 option did not work afther some experiments, I desided to install the recomended Win 7 32 bits
home premium, and the SDR 1000 worked wih the powersdr software V 2.4.4 and the drver for the Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS
was last updated one, oke' the Rigcat rs232 worked on the TS870dsp , the PTT and CW remote worked at rs232,
the other programs mented, seem to work allright but i asume there wil be some struggle somewere,
now I am testing a old Medion 8088 PC with a Pentium HT on 3 Ghz ( Dual Processor) also with Win 7 32bit Home- Premium, The two DELLs are doing better,faster and better multitasking both better video cards,
But I could use two audio cards in it to do de SDR and the Digimodeprograms together working as TRX digimode.
Well Guys thats it for now.

The best wishes from Peter PA0PVL