One method to plot data.

I have been asked how do I make the spot plots, which appear on http//
Below are a few tips (probably there are other ways to do it - so it is just one method):
1- Filter the data of interest (by band/callsigns/etc) from the spots page and copy it (ctrl-A, ctrl-C)
2- Open Wordpad and "paste special", "Unformated text", then "save as" .txt
3- Open the txt file with excel using "space" as separator
Now the rest is just Excel data manipulation - the purpose is not to give you an excel course or to rewrite the best seller "excel for the dummies", but just a few tips
4- First you may normalize all levels to 1W in a new column, using the formula ={report field}-({power field in dBm}-30).
It is useful, if the station plotted has changed his power along time, or if you want to compair 2 stations using different power levels
5- Then sort data by date and time - create a new time column left to the "normalized report at 1W".
tip1: To get 23:00 spots plotted before 00:00 spots you have to add 1 day for the data time-stamped after 23:59 (the formula is just ={time field}+1 ; of course your column should be formated to display hh:mm ).
tip2: If your data covers several days, sort the data by "time only" to get the data to be ploted on a scale from 00:00 to 24:00. If you want the data to be plotted along the days, you have to add 1, 2, 3.. days to the time stamp
(you may use a formula to do this automaticaly, assuming you have specified the date column to be in YMD format during txt file import)
6- Select the data to be plotted - the left most column being the a/m time column (the time column should have no header line,
data column(s) should have a header line). Click on the Graph Icon and select XY scatter
7- to format the time scale, right click on it - enter min/max values and steps as hh:mm (I.E if your data starts at 23:00,
max value should be 30:00 for the plot to stop at 06:00 ; enter 1:00 to get one mark every hour)
8- to add a "trendline" right click on a spot in the plot area and select "add trendline" - select a type; Polynomial is the
most useful, however it requires to have an important number of spots - higher spot numbers, higher polynomial order-; if
you have just a few spots, "moving average" will probably give you a better idea...
9- Then "print screen" and paste in a Photo editor, crop and save as PNG file (better/smaller than .jpg for plots)
That's it !

PS: instead of stating with a data screen copy, it should be possible to download the CSV file. However,
1)it is becoming too big (IMHO it would be useful if the CSV file data could be filtered b4 download)
2)I did not manage to get excel to understand the time stamp format that is used in the CSV file...
If someone can help, he is welcome !