Just started - and what fun.

This is an interesting bit of activity, and has really captured my interest. I have played with both PropnetPSK and with the "self-reporting" feature in the digital interface within Ham Radio Deluxe, but find this the most intriguing, particulary for low power propagation reports.

I am 47 years old, and currently living near Oxford, England, working for the U.S. Embassy here in London. My home call is K2PI. I have also held the calls ON9CPI, LZ/K2PI, XUF2B, XU2FB, HS0ZCI and KE2FB/DU3, among a few.

I have been a ham for 32 years, and in the last 4 years decided I needed a new challenge, so went primary QRP using an FT-817ND and simple dipoles. Now that I have proven to myself what can be accomplished with low power, even during a sunspot cycle "lull", I am not surprised by what WSPR is showing. However, that doesn't keep it from amazing me nevertheless.

On WSPR I am using an FT817ND into a buddipole on a 16 foot mast in the backyard. Total power output is just short of 500mW based on my WM-2 QRP wattmeter, which is fairly accurate. I think the power reaching the antenna through 100 Feet of RG-8X is considerably less, even with the low losses at 10MHz.

Look forward to seeing just what WSPR can reveal to us all about propagation over the next few weeks.

73, Harv, M0DUO / K2PI