first WSPR reception!

Thanks to Julian for his "Getting Started" guide
With correct frequency and synchronized PC clock, WSPR gets decoded from the first try!

For me it was helpful to start the old good DigiPan additionaly to WSPR (basically, any waterfal display program would suit) to see those whistles around 10.140.200, starting every even minute and two minutes long.

I could not find a possibility in WSPR program to move the decoding area to 1 kHz instead of 1.5 kHz. It would be better for reception with my K2, because then I could use a narrow filter setting (e.g. 200 Hz around 1 kHz) and so eliminate the QRM of loud PSK31 signals on neigbouring frequencies. It is not possible for K2 to use narrow filter setting with a center frequency much above 1 kHz.

And quite many people are making QSOs just on the WSPR frequency - no filter will help!

Unfortunately, there's no internet connection in the QTH I use - that's why no posts from me to database.