160 metres this evening (22/8/2014)

For some reason, I seem to be hearing a lot more than anyone else. This is a sufficiently strange phenomenon for me that i thought I would share my kit with others - particularly G8DYK, G4BOO, PE1MPX and OZ7IT.

I'm using a IC-756 Pro III set at about 5W into an SGC MAC-200 ATU which is handling a long wire. No idea how long, but it runs down the side of a small field, in the hedge. It's about 10m high at it's best point, which is in a tree, followed by a long, sloping section. It's not great, but it is straight.

I suspect the rest isn't important- SignalLink driven from an XP box. Usual WSPR software.

The 756 has the preamps in to "2", and ATT and AGC are off. My experience here is that this isn't markedly better than a TS-2000: It's a competent but dated RX.

So why am I hearing stuff? I'm in a rural location, but so is G8DYK (at least).

Mark, M0DEV