Just getting back to WSPR, 10M is amazing

Running 100 mW into a hex beam pointed SE from FM06, the conditions are incredible today.

Stations who copied me that were surprising, and show just how good the prop is on 10 meters:

FR1GZ, 15,380 km. numerous times
ZL1RS, 13,536 km...although it was most likely long path due to the direction of my hex beam, the time of day and the strength of the report on his end, so the distance is probably 26,414 km!
Some significant backscatter (maybe Es clouds?) from my QTH to US Central and US West.
Interesting prop where the DX can hear me sometimes but I cannot hear him (one-way prop)
Only 1 instance where a ZS and a V5 station copied me, right at my sunrise.

This is very addictive, watching the reports on the database page!