Testing an Ident on 1.8MHz

I am currently testing on 1.843130MHz with a 2 transistor transmitter and PIC modulator, QRSS signal with WSPR every 10 minutes. Power levels from 1mW to 750mW. ** The indicated Power Level will always show 50mW **

Looking at the Activity page on here I see I am listed as active together with G8JNJ. How does the site know that I thought as I have had no Spot reports or reported any. Of course, I am checking my own signal and WSPR is uploading, no magic involved at all.

If any station would like to try a Spot the Radio USB Dial Frequency is 1.84160MHz, no need to alter WSPR Software settings unless you wish to. The frequency reported will merely be wrong I can cope with that. Finally please set WSPR to RX only, when the rig is tuned to 1.84160MHz so as not to transmit in the Visual QRSS band.