what a day on 160m !! (2014-12-17)

I noted in the day that Rick (VK6XT) was very active to the USA for 2 hours after its sunset (11:16z) with 45 dx spots in the wspr database. He was spotted by 6 NA stations at the same time (12:10z).
It was unlikely to imagine a similar event for Europe at Rick sunrise (20:53z). To the best of my knowledge there is no precedent.
Rick is firstly spotted by John (G8DYK) at 18:52z then PA1RZ, OZ7IT, F5OIH, F59706, G3WPD, ON7KO, G4BOO and the latest OH8ALT/P at 21:06Z for a total of 61 dx spots.
To note the two ways of G8DYK, ON7KO and PA1RZ, the SNR record of John (-7) and 7 EU stations spotting Rick at the same time (21:00Z).
I guess that VK6XT session is exceptional but I hope to be wrong because it is too good !!! Thank you to all participants and special thanks to Rick.
73, Patrick