Good activity this night on 160m

Active night on 160m between 03:10z and 07:40z with 196 dx spots "across the pond" in the wsprnet database. Thanks to two NA stations: WB5WPA heard by 6 EU stations, K3KQV (new entrant) heard by 11 EU stations. To note also G4BOO heard by K9AN and N2NOM, and ON7KO heard by N2NOM.

2015-02-01 2:52 K3KQV 1.838096 1 -24 0 Fn00 F59706 JN07th 6214 54
With this 27th NA stations heard since the beginning of the new season I reached my score in February 2014.
Despite this night, NA/EU DX path is overall down on the previous season: last active night was January 5, K9PAW the usual weekly spotted is often missing in the dx stats ......
Anyways good luck to all, Patrick