Ultimate 3S

I am now up and running on WSPR permanently (I hope!) with my newly built Ultimate 3S on 30m. All built in an afternoon.

After a few initial hiccups regarding control of the firmware, I am now operational.

I initially mistakenly set the power too low, probably only around 50 or 70mW but was still making the trip into VK5. I have now used my Digital storage oscilloscope and a precision 50R load and set the power using that. I have set it as close as I can to 180mW (8.5V p-p into 50R), and labelled my transmissions as 23dBm (200mW) which is as close as the dBm scale allows.

In the meantime, I have also ordered a 20m LPF kit to try 20m at some point too.

And now for the antenna!... it's a home brew 1m dia magnetic loop made from 22mm dia Copper tube, with a Russian vacuum variable capacitor, and a Faraday shielded type coupling loop made from RG8. The loop hangs on a plastic towell hook on the back of a bedroom door upstairs!

Please listen out for me. Best km/Watt so far in the region of 72,000 km!

73 - Rob VK2GOM